Custom fields not working in HTML e-mail


I can't get custom fields to show in my HTML e-mail. I am using [CustomerID,fallback=0] and they are simply appearing as this in the e-mail, no data or fallback option.

Am I doing somethign wrong? Can anyone help?



Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Louis,

Generally when the tag itself shows in the email it means either that the field doesn't exist in the list you're testing with or there is some code in your HTML preventing the tag from being picked up (perhaps some span or font tags mixed in and breaking it). I'd suggest double checking that the field exists in your test list and if so then check your HTML. If everything looks fine send in an email to support and we can take a look for you.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
hgw, 8 years ago

I have the same problem with custom fields and placeholders, my HTML is ok I think, or not? It looks this way:

<p>Liebe/r [Anrede,fallback=] [Vorname,fallback=] [lastname,fallback=Newsletter-Abonnent],</p>

and the custom fields for the subscriber list are set up in this way - first field type is dropdown for selection, second is a text field:

Additionally one field is defined as [Gruppe,fallback=] which I don't need in the mail sent.

I put the HTML and placeholders in the template and also in the content editor, both ways with no success.

Im getting this result in the HTML-Mail sent:

Liebe/r [Anrede,fallback=] [Vorname,fallback=] Weber,

only the lastname placeholder has worked.

Thanks for your help!

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi hgw, could you send an email to support so that we can take a look at the actual campaign and list set up? That will make it easier.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor

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