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Hi, I'm Rish, first time poster, long time reader of these forums.

I currently work for a publishing house where we send weekly newsletter to our database as well as adhoc stuff. I have about 3-4 years experience doing this, however its not my main job title. I do always make an effort to learn and apply new things on an ongoing basis hence this topic i am posting:

I want to put this this out there, I think it would be good if there was some sort of bi-monthly forum where we all catch up for coffee and share knowledge and insights to emails. Topics we can cover will include list building strategies, what works and what doesn't and how it applies to different industries (B2B vs B2C etc) and the list goes on.

I know this will lead to many negative feedback as many of you may compete with each other, so for those who are interested perhaps we can start something here.

Again this is just a thought and i apologise if it was raised before and I didn't check.


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hi Rish,

You might want to let people know where in Sydney you are actually located, if you are interested in a face to face meetup.

There are plenty of web related groups already in Sydney too - you might be able to hook into one of those potentially. We'll tweet this thread out, and perhaps if others are interested, they'll post here too.

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RobLincolne, 8 years ago

This sounds like a great idea - we (Brown Box) would be interested in meeting up. If you're on Twitter - let us know @niphal and @roblincolne

gyoung, 8 years ago

I'd be interested too (based in inner west).  @grantyoung on twitter.

rishdog, 8 years ago

Thanks for the tweet out Matt,

I am based in Surry Hills, but what i can do i contact you guys via email/twitter and we can sort something out.

does anyone know any groups or forums which already exist around the Sydney CBD area?


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

We'd be really keen to see this happen, and we'll likely give it a mention in our next newsletter, to reach the Sydney Campaign Monitor users not on the forum / twitter.

Get in touch with us on Twitter:
We're also on Facebook:
rishdog, 8 years ago

Okay i added you guys to twitter. If you can DM me we can sort out something in detail.

Mathew, i'll keep you updated with the progress


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