In-Line Links Not Working


In some browsers (gmail and iphone), my internal links don't work. For example, when a user clicks on "back to top", nothing happens...

I have a title with an id, such as <h1 id="title>Title</h1>

For the link I say, <a href ="#title">Back to Top</a>

Is there something I can do to get this to work for all broswers?


Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Emmett, I'd suggest using the old school <a name> tags rather than anchoring to an id, that seems to work more reliably.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
JordanK, 8 years ago

Not all email browsers support anchor tags. See:

I've looked at this myself a few times (my clients seem to love extremely long email campaigns). I haven't found any kind of anchor solution that'll work across the general swath of email clients I need it too. I generally put in a short table of contents at the top if I think it will help people parse the information in the email faster.

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