Are these three sites using a template?

Hi everyone, first post so please go easy!

I'm about to employ a design company to develop my website for me, I have very very limited html knowledge.

But are the following websites using a template?

As they are have the same three boxes in the middle!?

I dont want to use the same template as these companies as i want to stand out, but that said if i'm missing a trick with apps etc could someone let me know?

Also Where are the sign up html codes etc or does that need to be done via the API?

Hope all this makes sense, thanks in advance

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hey James,

There is no template for this, it's just that the designers have decided on a similar style. You are free to make your own site completely unique.

If you mean signing up as a client, then yes, you'd need to use the  API to have them created directly from a form. Alternatively, you could have a form just submit to you, and manually create clients in your account.

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