PDF Links not working

Sigh.... Doesn't seem to be my day...

Our newsletter has links that point towards a PDF on our website, they all open beautifully in FireFox and Safari, but not Internet Explorer - has anyone else experienced this issue and how do I fix it????

The error message in IE is:

Navigation to the webpage was canceled

Any help would be most appreciated!!

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

This one (as it turned out through support) was actually an issue between the web server, and IE - even without Campaign Monitor in between at all, the same issue occurs.

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go4 go4, 7 years ago

Wondering if you can provide any more info on this Matthew or anyone else?

I can see it's not a CM issue but would like to understand the issue more and try to find a solution so our customers can link to pdfs from their messages and have these work on a standard windows/ie/outlook setup. Currently seems the only way that's foolproof is to link from the email to a page on the site where the pdf links are which is just too many clicks...

From our testing it seems that on Windows machines...

if Firefox is set as the default browser pdfs linked from an email will open fine

if IE is set as the default browser the link that CM generates (eg http://xxxx.com/t/r/g/uiyuht/l/h) opens in the browser but - depending on the version of IE I think? - either doesn't flick over to the pdf, brings up an error message or does nothing. [edit] tries to open the pdf but then stops, assuming to do with security settings? [/edit]

Thanks in advance for any more light that anyone can shed on this.

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BThies BThies, 7 years ago

How about setting your original link to link to javascript/php on your website that instantly forces the download of the PDF (Save as dialog box) rather than opening it - thus the person has it on their computer and can open once download is complete.

This eliminates the long "what is it doing?" pause that some experience while waiting for a PDF to download (and end up clicking the link over and over), and should work across all browsers.


you could ZIP the PDF forcing a download.

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