gMail and Outlook forcing email links to be in blue

2 things:

-gMail: if I make a email to not link it makes it blue ...even if I make it a link and use style="color: #whatevs;" on the a path...


-I have made a simple html email and added a non link email of someone but in outlook 07 it makes it becomes a blue there a way to stop that (try giving style also but no luck)?

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Do you mean mailto: links? We've not seen this, but it is possible that they are treated differently than href links are. Inline styles are the 'most powerful' option there.

Had anyone else seen this happen?

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fcbh, 8 years ago

I have seen this before - try the following html (not css): bgcolor="#000000"

example: <a href='#' bgcolor="#000000">Link Here</a>

-- Charles Garrison
jmp909, 8 years ago

hi. that's not what ic is asking i dont think. the email address is shown but not linked

ie ic has "This email was sent to" not "This email was sent to <a href=""></a>

i have found no way to stop gmail turning this into a link itself, therefore you are best making it a link anyway and styling it how you want


garethf, 7 years ago

I'm experiencing the same problem in Outlook 2007, with the link coloured blue.  The code is:

This e-mail was sent to [email].

I've tried changing the code in an attempt to style the output:

This e-mail was sent to <a href="mailto:[email]">[email]</a>

But the output generated by CM reads:

<a href="" style="color:gray;text-decoration:underline;" >&#91;&#101;&#109;&#97;&#105;&#108;&#93;</a>
jmp909, 7 years ago

Hi, this is how you want to do it for CM...

<font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="1" color="#CCCCCC">This e-mail was sent to <a href="#" style="color:#CCCCCC; text-decoration:none;"><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="1" color="#CCCCCC">[email]</font></a>.</font>

The inner font tag  is important to prevent Gmails default rollover colors/styles on links (and it used to have to be there to prevent hotmails default link styles overriding all links in general)

Note, I put the href as # because there's no point emailing yourself. but you can put mailto:[email]if you want

the rendering of web clients is constantly changing and I have been monitoring this for about 2 years to get a consistent font styling across various systems, both desktop & web.

also for <unsubscribe> links and <webversion> links just change the <a> to those but keep the styles in as above


DesignKris, 7 years ago

This is Gmail's default functionality. Only way you can get around is by using code colouring, such as with the text for email addresses.

jmp909, 7 years ago


as an update to my previous email, the <font> tag *inside* the <a> tag appears to no longer be needed for GMail (seemingly up until last week it would set all link rollover colours to their own style if you didn't add it)

however we still use the inner font because we support Outlook for Web (browser-based access), and this ignores *all* styles whether in <style> or in-line.


341841, 3 years ago

just use #000001 instead of #000000

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