images not showing up

I've created an e-mail campaign and when I preview it within Campaign Monitor everything looks fine.  When I send a test e-mail out however, none of my images show up.  I've tried both uploading the files from my HD and downloading them from the web - same result both times.  Can any help me figure out what I'm missing?  Thanks.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Which email client are you testing in? Some don't show images by default (see ) and others don't support background images at all (Outlook 2007 for example).

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Jackel414, 8 years ago

I have tested on Outlook 07 and Gmail.  Both clients do block images from unknown sources, but both also give the option of allowing images.  I have seen numerous html e-mails with images received with both clients.  Within my gmail account, I have turned on the option to always display images for the e-mail I created within Campaign Monitor, but still nothing.

Diana Diana, 8 years ago


If they're background images that would explain it, as both Outlook '07 and Gmail don't support them. If they're just normal images from an <img src> tag though that's odd. Have you tried multiple browsers? It could be something odd with the image itself (embedded color profiles and the like) that's causing it not to render in some specific cases, when that happens it's often browser specific.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
Jackel414, 8 years ago

Diana, good thinking.  I was actually thinking the same thing myself because I realized all of my images are coming from my CSS.  That's probably is the issue.  I will try to fix it and see if that works.  Thanks for your help.

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