Duplicates - are entries with a custom field considered different...

We've just imported a mailing list of approachability 1200 recipients. These entries contain just the subscribers email.

It seems that the extension tie in to CM for our CMS (EE) imports the subscribers email and one additional field (Name).

I'm curious if CM evaluates these two types of entries as different (because of the additional data included) even if the email address is the same; or if CM simply keys off the email, ignoring the additional data included, and considers the two different entries as duplicates?


Diana Diana, 7 years ago


We're using the email address as the unique identifier, so if the email address is the same we'd consider it a duplicate. When you import an address that already exists but with a new custom field or new data in an existing field we'll update the record with the new data.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
hothousegraphix, 7 years ago

Great, thanks for the clarification.

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