I have had a reasonably large campaign go out a week ago and still have about 50% recipients 'unopened' - can somebody tell me what the reasons for this would be and how I can remedy the situation (and explain it to my client)? I'm thinking maybe we have been filtered out via junk mail filters.

Any help would be appreciated.

Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago

A 50% open rate is actually very good - typically we see 20%-40% as a normal range. There are some people who we can't measure - plain text opens, opens without images showing etc.

Check out our open rates article for more detail on that.

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Lisa, 10 years ago

Now, this has prompted a question from me.  If there are always the same Email subscribers who don't open the campaigns sent out, will Campaign Monitor automatically remove those over time, or do I have to manually track those and compare each month after I've sent out a campaign?


Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago

We don't provide an automated way to do this, but you can easily see (and export) your unopened recipients in the Recipient Activity Report. You could always export this list and then remove it from your existing list.

A few quick points on this though:

1. We measure opens using a small hidden image in your email. Plenty of your subscribers might opening your email but have images disabled in their email clients. This can account for an additional 5-15% opens that we just can't measure), as discussed in the open rates article linked above.

2. Many of your recipients can take weeks or even months to open your campaign (check out the opens over time for some older campaigns to see this), so don't be too quick to write a subscriber off.

3. We automatically clean out bad email addresses for you, and you can be even more aggressive about this by heading into Bounce Settings for this list and be more active in removing non-responsive email addresses.

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Stig Stig, 10 years ago

like Mathew already said, the open rate isn't 100% accurate. If you do, however, wish to send a campaign to those who you know have opened, segments is the way to go:

Under Manage Subscribers, click Segments.
Click Create New Segment, and choose a name.
Under Rules for this segment, choose Campaign Was Opened.
Choose whichever campaign you want to use as your Open rate source.
To get openers from multiple campaigns, click Add a new rule for Campaign Was Opened and choose more.
To be extra sure, add another rule for Campaign Was Opened - Any Link Clicked, and choose the same campaigns.

Hope that made sense..

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stellarvisions stellarvisions, 10 years ago

I've had the same problem with two recent campaigns. I have been sending to a mailing list that is stable and which we have sent to for years before we used campaign monitor.

But in our last three campaigns there have been problems. The first time campaign monitor had recently migrated its mail servers and we had an outrageous number of bounces. That seems remedied. We then authenticated our email address. That helped with miscellaneous bounces and brought our percentage up.

Another campaign our percentage was about 25% lower than usual. Remember these are people who know us, read our email, and even send us replies. We did a spot check and some of the recipients did not receive our mailing although the stats at campaign monitor said they were successfully sent. [more than a dozen that I could confirm]

Our last campaign is again 25+% lower than expected. We use the same subject lines and the same from address. This is of some concern.

I have been spot checking with some of our clients and have found that they have received and opened the campaign but they have not been counted.

I know that these people keep their images turned on.

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Dave Dave, 10 years ago

Hi stellarvisions,

I can 100% confirm we aren't have any issues measuring opens or tracking your results, our open figures are accurate, but that's given all the limitations (and there are many) of tracking opens that Mathew mentioned above. If you'd like any feedback about a specific issue to do with your campaign, or your looking for suggestions on how you can improve your open rate, don't hesitate to get in touch with the support team.

Alex D, 6 years ago

I know that it might not be in CM's best interest in making this easy for its users, but it would be great if we could simply create segments based on a combination of Open Rates and Number of emails sent. For example I would like to create a segment called "poor quality" where the rules are that they where sent >10 email campaigns and have a 0% open rate.

I recognize that this may capture some "false positives" due to images disabled etc, but the benefits of purging this segment could significantly outweigh the cons.

In my particular case, my client currently has about 13,000 subscribers. based on the above rule, if I where to delete these "poor quality" subscribers from my list, that would remove about 4000 emails, bringing us down to 9,000 subscribers and dropping our costs by $150/month or $1,800/year (based on monthly billing). And there would be an almost negligible effect on the actual number of email views or clicks on links.

As per my opening statement you can see this is clearly not in CM's best interest, and perhaps that might have a slight impact on why this is not currently an option..

Another nice option for segments would be the ability to create a segment on a segment..

Example = "Hi Quality" = all subscribers who are not in "Poor Quality"

Any how Cheers. Love CM! Keep up the great work.

Alex Duffield - Owner
InControl Solutions

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