Bounces and unsubscribes via the API

First, let me admit, Campaign Monitor is flippin' awesome.  Your documentation and API is excellent.  I'm reviewing it for our company, and I've come across two questions to which I haven't found answers.

We would like to manage all of the subscriptions in each of our web applications.  So far I have been very successful connecting to the API, adding an email, unsubscribing an email, and then re-subscribing that same email.  My first question has to with the re-subscription.  When I unsubscribed the test email address, it appeared in the suppression list (as I expected it would).  When I re-subscribed the user (using AddAndResubscribe), they appeared in my main list, but did NOT get removed from the suppression list.  Does this mean that Campaign Monitor will scrub that email address from my main list?  If so, that means I cannot re-subscribe a user.  Am I missing something?

My second question has to do with bounces.  How does my web application get notified when an email address is bounced?  My guess is that Campaign Monitor puts the email address in the suppression list (which means they are unsubscribed in CM), but they would still be "subscribed" in my web application?  Is there a way for CM to notify me of bounces, at the time of bouncing?  Or can I only get those bounces from CM by using the GetBounces API?

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