Can I use CM for personalized/event-triggered email?

I am using CM to send batch newsletter emails. I've got that concept down. :-)

But now I want to take our customer communication to the next level by sending more personalized HTML emails such as birthday specials, customized welcome messages for guests who are about to visit the property (I'm in the hospitality industry), and to improve our receipts, which we send out anyway to complete transactions, to have nice formatting, coupons, upsells and the like.

Can CM help with event-triggered emails, or is there a different type of delivery service for that? It doesn't seem like CM is the right method way you don't want an unsubscribe link in a receipt or a welcome notice for incoming guests. Sorry if this is a dumb question. I'm new at email marketing.

Many thanks,

Stig Stig, 10 years ago

This, and related features, has been requested frequently:

My guess is they have something in the works, with advanced triggers, html import from urls with variables from custom fields, and a fitting pricing model. This would truly add great value to the service, and it should be easy to inspire current users to find great ways to use it.

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