Credit card billing name

Just logged-in as a client, and under billing I see this:

Your credit card statement
Please remember that each time you send a campaign, the charge will appear on your credit card statement from:

Would you please consider changing this please, to remove the domain name?
A service description would suffice, no need for the domain IMHO.

Thank you

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Vince,

We thought long and hard about this, and unfortunately "Email newsletter software" is just too generic a name for us to use. The domain is often the only thing recognizable that we can use to remind your clients where it came from without exposing anything else.

Also, some banks will often cut this name after the first dozen or so characters, so it's important to have something that your clients will recognize within that space.

seventy6, 8 years ago

Hi Dave

Just to confirm if we set up a custom domain name does this appear in the billing instead of:





Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Nick,

It wouldn't. 'C/SEND.COM EMAIL NEWSLETTER SOFTWARE' is always going to be what appears for the credit card charge for your clients.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
holder10, 8 years ago

Any plans on changing that, Diana?

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Afraid not. That would be a extremely complex billing change (basically a separate gateway for every account) and just isn't feasible. We do go to a lot of effort to keep white label so that it's not going to blow your cover.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
Jefke, 7 years ago

This is not good... Just started with the software and my first client googled c/send and find out about campaignmonitor. Not good at all! Here the search result :

Please remove that link from the billings. Or make it a custom one.

vince, 7 years ago

That wil always be a problem no matter what CM does to try and avoid it being 'Googled'
The only solutions for services like CM is to NEVER use a domain name.

Because most banks cut these names after the first few characters, I think CM could consider reversing the current tag from:
and remove the .COM from the end, or from the beginning of the original maybe?

All the efforts to hide disclosure are definitely not working, so worthwhile the effort to make this change IMHO

The other is not hiding this forum to non-account holders, except the usual "Pre Sales' topic as others do.
The later also stops competitors from seeing opportunity in the feature requests as weak spots to steal business away from CM.

All good strategic business sense really.

Jefke, 7 years ago

Removing the .com sounds like a good start. I would be happy if it was deleted from the billings.
CM is great software and I would like very much to keep using it. So please consider to take away the .com like vince suggested.

Another problem is the confirmation mail the client gets after sending a campaign. The sender is Is it possible to disable this mail to the customer in the panel by me?

Many thanks!

Cédric Cédric, 7 years ago

it's too easy to find who is behind CSEND, should be excluded from search engines

add disallow:/  to http://CSEND/robots.txt

vince, 7 years ago

User-agent: *
Oh dear, I am really sorry to see these other 'revealing' issues:

- I was not aware our clients receive any emails at all from @c/
- Amazed to see current robots.txt file contents
Disallow: /signUp.aspx
Disallow: /loginForm.aspx
Disallow: /signup.aspx
Disallow: /loginform.aspx

Please change to:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

Other settings in case of use for anyone here:


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago


First off, I am going to edit these posts to remove c/ since having it all over here makes it more likely to connect it to Campaign Monitor!

We remove any mention of c/send we can from Google, but of course there are thousands of customers with their own custom subdomain.c/ which they *want* to be found if necessary, containing their newsletters and useful content.

So we will always have to be more specific than just disallowing the entire domain from Google.

We will do our best, but there may be external references we can't control, so we'll just have to keep on top of them as we can.

Regarding the billing, we have the domain name in there because otherwise clients will not know why they are being billed and cancel transactions (this already happens), so we have to strike a fine balance.

I can tell you that we very, very rarely hear of people losing customers because they found out about Campaign Monitor.

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vince, 7 years ago

Hi Matthew,
IMHO, removing just the.COM from the billing tag will not increase cancelled transactions.
In fact, that could be a cause of some cancellations, as clients would initially not associate c/send .COM with our services.
Whereas without the domain .COM, and having EMAIL NEWSLETTER SOFTWARE at the beginning (and sometimes the only thing they'll see) would not alert their suspicions, especially if they the also see c/send as it would come across as:

Email Marketing Software, Create & Send
Which is what we do ;-)

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Thanks for the feedback - based on the request we already get though, having that .com actually makes a big difference, because we get a lot of people checking it out who want to know what the charge is.

This is something we actually have a lot of experience with, and the phrasing we have was very carefully chosen to reduce problems for everyone.

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vince, 7 years ago

Hi Matthew,
based on everything said before in this thread, I am confused by your reply.
Are you saying you purposely include the .com so that clients can check out the domain name??

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

It isn't that we *want* people to go there, but if they don't recognise the name we'd prefer they go there and see that it is software they have used to send emails, rather than just dispute the charge on their card.

If they use the contact email from the site, we can  redirect it to their designer, so the designer can reassure them without them ever finding out about Campaign Monitor itself.

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lorentzen, 7 years ago

The worst is that this particular topic at this forum came as my top search result when I searched for:
" h o w    i s   b e h i n d   c r e a t e s e n d . c o m ".

This means of course that this whole debate only makes it worse than it already is!
Maybe you should consider removing this forum from the search engines.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

We do try and remove all mentions of that domain from the forum, but we do want web designers to be able to find it. It is a fine balance to walk.

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BraceRosso, 7 years ago

This is exactly why I changed my user name, which used to be my company name.  This board was showing up in the SERPs.  Why do the forums even need to be accessible by spiders?

This is also another reason to either completely revise the credit card billing system within CM or move out to a separate invoicing tool like Freshbooks or one of the other new ones that are cropping up.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

We like for people to be able to find the forums because 99% of the discussion is helpful - it is just the specific discussion of this other domain that causes problems.

We don't want to lock people out of finding it, even non Campaign Monitor customers, because of that. If it continues to be an issue we'd first just remove any mention of the domain instead.

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vince, 7 years ago
Mathew :

We like for people to be able to find the forums

You can have both a members/clients forum and non clients.

We don't want to lock people out of finding it, even non Campaign Monitor customers

But we (your customers) would really wish non customers didn't find topics with sensitive information.

Doing this really won't hurt your business in attracting new customers, and having a separate forum will still allow people to engage in discussions.

Dave Dave, 7 years ago

Thanks for the feedback on this issue guys, we might try and look into ways we can hide any forum pages from search engines if they contain a mention of the credit card billing name. We'll look into it and let you know what we come up with.

denniscurtains, 7 years ago

I hope that this is fixed. That seems like a huge security risk.

PDD2010, 7 years ago

OOPs sorry - I think my question is more relevent here (sorry for the double post - I wish your forum enabled logged in users to delete / edit posts - why is that not possible?)

Sorry if this is out of context, but could you please advise what happens when a customer emails you at help @  c/send . com

This email address is the one that is displayed if a client visits c/send . com website (the URL on their CC bill they receive).

I would be a lot happier if there was no email address and a simple "please contact your email newsletter service provider" message was displayed, but understand that you're trying to be all things to all people. 

The problem is, how can you know who the client belongs to when they contact you on the above email?  Therefore, doesn't it give the game away?

I for one would like to add my voice to the change of wording on the CC invoice (and on the c/s website)


Diana Diana, 7 years ago


If a client gets in touch with us we'll track them down in the system (based on their email address, name, their company name, etc) and figure out that they belong to your account and we'll forward that email on to you. We'll never respond directly to clients.

We do need to give people a way to get in touch if they don't recognize the charge. They may not always remember their email provider (if someone else in their organization made the charge for example).

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
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