Paying for email client test and spam checking

Hi, I'm new at this Campaign Monitor, but I've spent the weekend trying to get to grips with how it works, which has included creating several test accounts as pretend clients and then logging in as them to see what they will see when I launch this to my actual clients.

The one thing that seems to dampen a pretty much perfect service from you guys, is that if a client of mine is not paying you with their card, i.e. they are paying me directly and I am paying you.  They do not have the option to test their emails against the 20+ email clients and carry out the spam check, because obvsiouly they cannot put in their fee immediately. 

But surely, if there's already a way that they can send emails and then I pay you out of my own credits then shouldn't there also be a way for them to use the test feature and I pay the fee?  It seems odd that I have to explain to my clients that they can't use the spam checking unless they are prepared to pay on card.

The only way around this it seems, is if I log into my account, then click on their account and do it all myself for them, which kind of defeats the purpose. 

Are there any plans to fix this, or am I missing something that already exists? Seems like too obvious a problem for someone to have not mentioned this before.

Many kind regards

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hi Richard,

If you have set a client to 'I'll pay on their behalf', and you've also given them permission to run design and spam tests, when they login they can still run tests, and we charge your card.

I've just confirmed this is how it works.

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RDBoon, 8 years ago

Many thanks for that Mathew, I can see I was just being stupid as usual. Apologies. 

Though I do think it would be nice if they could see at that point that this serice will cost them (an amount that I mark up), as to them it looks free and then I'm going to bill them for it.  But I guess I can make it clear during account setup and in all the small print, so there's a way around it.

Many thanks

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