Tell-a-friend feature?

(I'm not completely sure this belongs in the "Troubleshooting" topic, but hey, maybe there's an easy answer I'm just not yet aware of.)

Is it possible to hook Campaign Monitor in with a tell-a-friend feature?

Right now, the Web site for my client's online campaign has a tell-a-friend page that presents a simple form with a few fields. There's a "your name" field, a "your friend's e-mail address" field, and fields for a subject and a message. The subject and message fields are filled out with defaults that can be customized.

Clicking the "send" button generates a plain-text e-mail message that gets sent from "Sender's Name via Our Campaign" with a generic return address.

It'd be great to hook this functionality into Campaign Monitor so we can generate trackable URLs and gather open-rate and click-through-rate stats off the tell-a-friend feature.

My understanding is that this could, in theory, be done via the API, but it would depend on API features that don't exist yet, like creating and scheduling campaigns.

If doing this is too far outside the scope of what Campaign Monitor is for, can anybody suggest another clever scheme for generating trackable URLs and getting click-through stats from a tell-a-friend feature? Obviously the big boys offer this as part of their content-management service, but my client is operating on zero budget, so we're doing everything as inexpensively as possible.

jdancisin, 10 years ago

I think what you are looking for is the Forward-to-a-Friend feature:

jefferyharrell, 10 years ago

Nope, that's different.

Lemme splain.

The forward-to-a-friend feature takes an existing e-mail campaign and forwards it -- just like it says on the can. Which is great and all. But the forward-to-a-friend form is entirely e-mail oriented.

What I'm looking for is a way to create my own Web form on my client's site, with a "from" name and address, a "to" name and address and a space for a personalized message, then have that form generate a pre-built e-mail. I don't want to forward an existing e-mail campaign. I want to send a new e-mail based on a form on my client's site.

Does that make sense?

Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago

Hey Jeffery,

We don't have that kind of feature in Campaign Monitor - the API doesn't provide access to actually send emails, so it wouldn't be something you could integrate either unfortunately.

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Stig Stig, 10 years ago

Like Mathew said, this isn't possible using CM, but there's plenty of other solutions for this. Your client's CMS is likely to have it as a feature, and if it doesn't, a little googling should do the trick.

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jefferyharrell, 10 years ago

Thanks, Matthew and Stig.

My client's using Wordpress to run their campaign site -- did I mention the zero budget? -- and right now I'm using a simple PHP script that I wrote myself with my incomprehensibly rusty programming skills.

Does anybody know of a good Wordpress plugin that will do what I want? Or shall I get started writing my own?

Stig Stig, 10 years ago

I found quite a few, WP-EMail 2.20 seems pretty good.


cforms II also seems to be worth a look. It's mainly a contact form plugin, but can also be used for Tell-a-friend forms.


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quena, 8 years ago

SocialTwist's Tell-a-Friend widget has the added benefit of allowing visitors to send to everyone in their address book, right from the web site, and can be added as a WP plug-in.

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