Feature request: survey module and tighter quality control

Hi guys, firstly props for the stellar job you've done with a great product – we love using it and love selling it cos our clients love it too! (that's a whole lotta love). I do however have some feature requests that recently arose after losing out to a competitive supplier.

1. Survey module
I read a few other requests (or demands) for this in the forum and I see where you're coming from in that you'd prefer to stick to doing what you do well than try to do everything. Just thought you'd like to know that another client requested it as a must-have, hence us not getting the deal. I wonder if you would consider opening CM up for developers to make third-party modules like iPhone apps or open-source software (sorry if that's a dirty word – I'm a designer...)? Similar to the way you offer testing by Litmus and ReturnPath, you could develop a module with a third party web survey specialist.

2. Tighter quality control
The other must-have on our client's list we fell shot on was quality control. I applaud the design/spam tests you've implemented as a great start – very valuable for designers. What our client wanted though was to apply some quality control settings to ensure every link was automatically checked, the spam check was mandatory as was the test email that would need to go to a QC manager for approval before the various marketing reps could send a campaign. Like most of our clients, we enjoy the freedom to DIY, but I felt this was a request worth sharing in case there was anything like this in the production pipeline. Our client said they only came across one supplier who offered this level of functionality so it's fairly niche.

Cheers for listening, hope it helps.

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