Custom Fields limited to only 10 fields?

Hi, I was adding my custom fields as usual, had 11 items I need to store about the user. Looks like the limit is only 10 fields? I was very surprised to see this.

Is there the possibility of more? I understand you don't want people storing 60 fields per user, but is there any flexibility?

For now, I can get by ok with 10 I think, but was wondering if this will be possible in the future.


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

10 is a hard limit I'm afraid, it is not something that can be changed. We'll add your vote for more fields, but as most people don't use close to 10 at the moment (and it would be a significant amount of work), it is not currently planned to be increased.

Thanks for the feedback.

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bfriesen, 8 years ago

I would second that request.  This is highly useful because most subscriber forms include basic contact information and only 3 additional fields for questions/comments.  The use scenario for this would be event registrations and preferences, etc.



quena, 8 years ago

I third the motion. Even a small increase, like 15 custom fields, would be helpful.

A quick reminder to you that mulitiple option fields can store a great deal of information, which can then be used by the 'Segments' feature. E.g., a list might include subscribers to your newsletter as well as past customers; a single multi-option field can be used to store both sets of info, saving the use of an additional field.

Me too. Especially since there is no date field type. Which if you want to sort by month of birthdate and entire birthdate would take between two & three fields.

wesold, 8 years ago

There definitely is a call for more than 10 fields.

kitecom, 8 years ago

Another Vote here!

winethex, 8 years ago

add a 7th vote here!

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