time zones?

I'm in London, and delighted to be back in British Summer Time again!

So yesterday, when I was scheduling a campaign, I was unsure whether to choose GMT +0:00, because it mentioned London, or GMT +1, because that's what international time it really is.

It wasn't crucial, I scheduled GMT +1 (Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna), but it came through at 7:00 AM, indicating you had already factored in daylight saving changes.

I *think* the rule is pick the correct City for your time-zone and leave CM to worry about daylight saving variations away from the stated GMT, but it would be great if you could clarify this for me.


djwhisky, 8 years ago

I'm just hitting the same issue... I think from what you said that for my email to go at 10am tomorrow morning I need to set it to 10am GMT (London) ... even though it's actually 10am BST (and 9am GMT)...(?!?!?!)

Some kind of clarification/streamlining of this would be very useful!



Phil Phil, 8 years ago


It's a good question, and tobystokes actually hit this nail right on the head. If you pick the correct city, CM will sort out the local daylight saving variations for you.

That's why, for example, you'll find that under GTM+10:00 there are three different Aussie zones: "Brisbane", "Hobart", and "Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney". Even though they're all eastern Australian cities, they have different daylight savings start/end dates and so are grouped accordingly.

Hope that helps,

djwhisky, 8 years ago

I think it should somehow be a bit clearer therefore...to me, and I would assume most people, GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) means UTC so looking at the dropdown I would immediately assume that it would go one hour earlier than it actually does during the summer. Or maybe just a message is needed next to that to say that daylight saving is accounted for?
In addition, therefore, it would be useful to have a true GMT/UTC option - I could see this being useful if you're sending to people in multiple countries and have agreed to send it at a certain time GMT.

tobystokes, 8 years ago

Yeah, I think it's just a labelling issue - but changing the GMT label to UTC would do it for me.

(@djwhisky - weren't we discussing Freeagent before? We must have bug-syncing switched on...)

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