How to find the API key?

Where can I find the API key so that a client can use the Worpress plugin on their site?
Many thanks

Mitch, 8 years ago

Which one are you looking for? Your API key is located in the "Account Settings" menu which is accessible from the top navigation in the CampaignMonitor interface.

The list_id key for adding subscribers to a specific list can be found by clicking the "Edit List Name / Type" button when you're viewing a subscriber list.

Finally, the client_id key can be found clicking the "Client Settings" tab when you're viewing a client's page.

vince, 8 years ago

It was the client API key I couldn't find, because it seems it only displays once I create my main account API key.
Makes sense now, but not at the time. :-)

Not sure now if I'd want to recommend the WordPress plugin by Instinct to cliients as we'd have to give clients our main API key as well. Any security issues with that?

From the readme file:
"3. Goto Campaign Monitor and get/Create your API key,, create a client and get the api key for that too."

gtowle gtowle, 8 years ago

@ vince

thanks for posting your finding.  i couldn't find the API key either!  ;)

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