Spam Errors on Gallery Template

I'm using one of the templates from the gallery and have only changed the header (banner) image.  I have copy in body that have email links (mailto:) but everything else is images, etc.

When I ran the spam test I got several errors and was wondering if this is an issue..again, it was one of the supplied public templates.  My overall spam score was over 92.  Here are the errors I received:

.CV error

Spam Assassin:
RAW: Quoted-printable line longer than 76 chars (1.8 pts)
URI: URI hostname has long hexadecimal sequence (1.3 pts)
BODY: HTML included in message (0.0 pts)


New to CM and think it's fantastic

Thanks in advance

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey torweb,

We were careful to build our free templates in a way that wouldn't contribute to a high spam score (no HTML errors, inclusion of unsubscribe link, permission reminder, etc). Having said that, almost any email you run through filters like SpamAssassin will return at least some warnings, but if you can keep the score under 4 you shoud be fine.

None of the warnings in the example above are critical, so I wouldn't let them stop you from sending this campaign.

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