Solution Needed: Subscribe / Store Data / Use Data for Email Marketing

Hi Folks

We are just about to launch a new website in the UK.

We are wanting to do the following:

1. Have a email subsctiption form that captures the email address of a person wishing to receive updates

2. Automatically have that email address placed into a program (Campaign Monitor??) that we can use for email marketing.

We are essentially wanting a seamless process of subscription integration into an email marketing solution. Any help would be very much appreciated.

As a complete side line - we have a also purchased PHP Manager (user authentication software). I don't suppose anyone would know a solution to integrate this into an email marketing solution.

Mitch, 8 years ago


Are you just after a form people can complete to sign-up to your email marketing campaigns, or are you after a single sign-up for registration at the site and for receiving emails through CampaignMonitor?

If all you're after is form for users to sign-up, CampaignMonitor provides built in forms in the admin panel that will do just that. SixCentral, a startup with a product they're launching soon, is using this approach to great effect here.

If you're after more of a single sign-up there's an array of options. CMSs like WordPress and Drupal already have great plugins in built that can keep your CM and website lists in sync, or there's a lot of scope to build your own integration using CampaignMonitor's powerful API.

Hope you find what you're after!

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