Add campaign monitor to a registration form for Elgg-based site

So there are integration plugins for Drupal, EE, Wordpress, etc... but none for Elgg. I'm sure it's because Elgg isn't nearly as popular. I'm trying to do the same basic integration as the rest, add a checkbox to the registration form that lets a person register for the site AND sign-up for email notifications. In the future, of course, I'd like to add the ability for registered members to subscribe/unsubscribe themselves from the site, but for now, just the registration's fine. We're having a rally tomorrow, and I want laptops on-site to capture registrations/emails!

I'm having trouble finding resources to connect the sample PHP kit to an existing setup. Can anyone shoot me in the right direction?

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Hey Kev,

We don't know much about Elgg  - we do have this post about connecting Campaign Monitor subscription to an existing form though:

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