Campaign monitor is cutting off the </html> tag to </htm

I tried sending a test email to test one of my campaigns this morning.

At the very bottom of the page there is the stray text </htm appearing. I have looked at the source code and it appears that the </html> tag has been cut off by campaign monitor when I imported my template. So it is not recognising it as html code anymore.

I have checked this out on a couple of my templates and it is the same across all of them. I have double checked my source template and before it is imported into campaign monitor the </html> tag is definitely  correct.

When I preview the HTML template from campaign monitor the </html> is ok it just seems to be when the actual email is sent out

Any ideas what is happening? Never had this problem before.

It appears to be my version of outlook that is cutting off the </html> tag have test on another machine and it is fine. Not sure what is going on, been using campaign monitor on my version of outlook for over a year and never had this problem before.

travisbell travisbell, 8 years ago

Hey beechy,

We're aware of this issue and looking into it.


Travis Bell

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