Not receiving email confirmations

We don't seem to be getting email confirmation requests for subscribers. Any ideas why this should be?

Code for the newsletter signup is;

<h2 class="header">Your Conversion Buzz</h2>
<div class="panel" id="newsletterSignup">
Sign up for the <strong>latest tips</strong> and strategies for improving your <strong>website</strong> <strong>conversions</strong>. Your details are safe with us. <a href="[~244~]">Privacy Policy</a>
<form action="" method="post">
    <label for="wdidd-wdidd">Email:</label><input type="text" value="Your email address here" name="cm-wdidd-wdidd" id="wdidd-wdidd"/>
    <input class="button" id="imb2" type="submit" value="Sign Me Up Now" />
<hr class="hidden" />

clickfunnel, 8 years ago

The relevant pages for initial thankyou and subsequent success page is and

I'm confused!!!!

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