Testing Preferences link


I have added the <preferences>this will be a link</preferences> link into the email and run a test email from Step 4.1. - what i get is the following:

"Subscriber Preference Center

When you send this campaign, this page will display a preference center allowing your subscriber to update their preferences or unsubscribe from your list. You can test this by sending yourself a test campaign in Step 4.1."

Any clues?

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago


That means everything is working right - as the message explains, when you send the actual campaign (not a test) it will show the preference center page.

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MichelG, 8 years ago

Actually, Mathew, if you believe that is the correct behavior then the message is really misleading.

It specifically says "You can test this by sending yourself a test campaign in Step 4.1." Well...that is exactly what tonycharman and I did. And...we receive that message...not the actual Preference Center page!

To make this statement correct in that situation -- actually sending a test campaign -- your team should remove the last line. Better, it should allow us to actually preview the Preference Center page.

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