Email address changes - possible issue - how to handle?

Here's a possible scenario...

1. List was created 6 months ago.
2. 10 subscribers have changed their email address using Preferences link in newsletter.
3. Client sends me full export from their ACT software every month including any new contacts.
4. Client's exported list has previous email addresses for these 10 subscribers.
5. When I import it, the 10 addresses amended by the subscribers in (2) above, are going to get over-written with their old addressesI assume.

Q1: Is my assumption in (5) correct?
Q2: If so is there any way of determining in CM which subscribers have changed addresses so I can export them for my client to import into their ACT system.
Q3: Any other way of managing this? For various reasons do not want to set up an API.


Ben Ben, 8 years ago

Hey Julian,

For a basic list import the identifier that we have is the subscriber email address, so if they change it as you've suggested in step 2, we can't match them in step 5 when they are re-imported so you will end up importing them a second time. So they will have an old record that is their updated email address, and a new record which is their old address that was stored in ACT.

Unfortunately, I don't think there is going to be a good way around this without using the API.

The only way I can think to do this would be to have a unique ID generated from ACT that you could include in your list as a custom field. Then you could periodically export your list from CM, and import into ACT matching the subscribers on their unique ID and updating any changed email addresses., 8 years ago

Thankds Ben.  Related question...
As it's not possible to run a report showing people who have amended their details, does the subscribed date pick this up?
Subscriber was first added on 1 Jan 2009
Subscriber amended email address on 1 Feb 2009.
Will 1 Feb then be shown in the subscribed date field?

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Redmark53, 8 years ago

For what it's worth...
I have a client with similar needs, and the unique ID was the key to making this work. But it has to be done outside CM. Would be nice to have the capability in CM to run a report on "people who have amended their details," though. ; -)

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