What's your maximum size subscriber list

In conversation yesterday we talked about the maximum size a subscriber list should (could?) be before it becomes unwieldy. The size we were talking about was 200,000 subscribers which we would obviously segment but is this too big to start with? I suspect it is, but any other users feedback on size of list or what works best would be interesting. This list is fully permission based just in case anybody's wondering!

Stig Stig, 10 years ago

That sure is a big list :) But in a way, I can't see how you'd handle it too differently from a list with a thousand subscribers - there's not that much to wield :) The system keeps the lists as clean as you want them with unsubscribes/spam complaints and the bounce handling settings.

Also, if you have enough data on each subscriber in a list that large, you can get really targeted with your segmenting, and still reach a lot of subscribers, so it's pretty much all advantages.

If you don't already, you could also concider using segments with only subscribers who've opened/clicked in the last few campaigns. You can also do some further interest segmenting by doing some assumptions based on which subject lines your subscribers opened/links they clicked, and not. Meaning, if you're sending a campaign on a specific topic, you can send it to only those who opened or clicked previous campaigns/links on that topic.

Just my thoughts..

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