Outlook 2007 Spam Test


I'm having a problem with the spam test with Outlook 2007.  It says that the test is failing, yet when I send the email through to myself it comes into my inbox just fine.

I don't want to send the campaign just yet, as I'm sure the Outlook result is more accurate than my experience.  How can I get around this?

FYI - spam test results for all of the other clients are more or less perfect with no warnings (bar Spam Assassin where it passed with 3 warnings).

I can only think that this is an issue with my content, as I have used one of Campaign Monitor's design templates.  =D

Please help!

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

You are right that content is most likely the issue (it nearly always is), but this is a tricky area.

Every spam filter works differently, and even the same filter in different installations can respond differently to the same email, because the can 'learn' and be affected by whitelists, past emails from that person etc.

You will probably need to do some trial and error testing to see if you can narrow down what is being flagged in the email unfortunately.

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Stormy Stormy, 8 years ago

As Mathew has rightly said, trial and error is really the only sure-fire way to ensure you can through these form of filters. The way Outlook flags spam isn't made public (which does make sense, as otherwise spammers would be able to circumnavigate it far more easily), so keep trying and you'll get there eventually. It may be worth jotting down what differences you try and posting back on here with what you find!

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