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I tried to look around through general chat and troubleshooting before I sent this through. so if it has been addressed before (which it most certainly would have to be) i apologize for this post.

If I want to archive my newsletters off my website where do I get the URL for that? is this by logging in and say, 'resend a sent campaign' so I can get to a place to click 'Preview HTML'? or is there some place I am missing once I log in to get a url to my sent campaigns to archive... March, Apr, May newsletters.

I would say that using the way above would not only provide a URL for archiving my newsletter but would also allow that archive to still send reports as people visit my archives later in the year?


Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hey. There is actually a really easy way to add an archive to your site. If you go to the client in question and then click on the 'Client Settings' tab there is a link to 'Create newsletter archive'. From there you'd just configure your archive and then add the javascript to your website to have a nice dynamic archive without any work. If the default set up doesn't work for you though you can use that archive page to grab URLs that you can use.

The archive doesn't track activity though. You can only track activity from actual subscribers who received your campaigns.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
kosse, 8 years ago

Hi there, archiving is very useful, was wondering if one can customize ie dates, they show up in english, is it possible (I don't think it is atm) to change that? Would be a usefull feature, I run multiple lang sites. Thanks

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Thanks for the feedback. At the moment, it isn't possible to customise those dates, but we'll record your suggestion.

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jdanthinne, 8 years ago

Is there any way via the API to preview archived campaigns? The javascript code is ok, but I can't sort campaings (keywords, name of the campaign, etc). I know I can't have the list of Campaigns with Client.GetCampaings, but after that, is there an easy with to display the campaign itself?
I think it's a really basic thing that sould be available more easily.

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