Campaignmonitor down??

Anyone else having trouble logging in to the system? it seems like it's gone down completely

tobystokes, 8 years ago

I'm also having sporadic connection problems today.

CarswellGould, 8 years ago

Yes, two of our clients are having trouble connecting.

Vikab, 8 years ago

We also are experiencing exactly this.
In Sweden it is ok from Tele2, TDC but NOT Telia.
From Telia the tracert dies at provider level3.

icebomb, 8 years ago

Have been having problems connecting since midday GMT, it was fine for about an hour but within the past hour has just gone down again. CM say they've been having issues with local providers in parts of Europe.

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Everyone. As icebomb mentioned it seems to be an issue with specific ISPs or even just local networks and from what we can tell it's mostly isolated to Europe. Unfortunately, since it's not an issue with our servers it's out of our control. It does appear to be slowly resolving on it's own and a couple of people were able to clear it up by clearing the DNS cache on their own network.

D. Potter
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