Which email has made you smile?

As part of my research for my Fuel conference talk, I'd like to hear about email you have received (from a business) that has made you smile.

It could be a newsletter about a sweet new product, or a funny support response, or a quirky order confirmation - anything at all really.

As an added bonus for this, my 1000th forum post, I'll give a Campaign Monitor shirt and 1,000 Campaign Monitor credits to my favourite couple of responses.

ryannj, 8 years ago

I love Dreamhost's monthly newsletters. They're very offbeat and irreverent. Unfortunately, they don't seem to include a "view as web page" link, so I can't give you a URL.

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pcreux, 8 years ago

I love Moosejaw's order confirmation. It's like:

If you are reading this email your order has been accepted and I imagine that this is the greatest moment of your life.

It is about to get better....you get 10% of your purchases (and 5% for discounted items) back in points to use for FREE gear, clothing, outerwear, etc. at MoosejawRewards.com.

So, when you get a $200 jacket, for example, at Moosejaw.com you can turn around and get a $20 something or other for FREE at MoosejawRewards.com.

Go Here to see your current point balance and check out the High Altitude Program to see how you can earn even more points! Please note that your points for this purchase will be added to your account after your order ships.

If you are bored, our daily remarks were just called "among the most important works in literature" by someone named Veronica in Durango. Today's remark is quite moving and the trivia question is especially challenging. View Today's Daily Remark.

If you care more about your order than our nonsense you can track your package right to your doorstep. We will email you tracking information at 9pm EST on the night that your orders ships. You can also check your order status online. Don't be scared if you don't see your order right away. We just have to process it first. Go Here to View Your Order Status and Order History.

Finally, we're posting pictures of folks using their products on the product pages at Moosejaw.com. If you fall in the folks category please email a photo of your gear in action to jkfellow@moosejaw.com and we'll add your picture to Moosejaw.com asap and add 100 Moosejaw Reward points to your account. If you have Moosejaw or theJaw in your picture we'll double the points! So say all of us...Hooray!

Love the Madness,

Also there order confirmation displays:

We used to have an exclamation point after the thank you but they seem so oversused online. Also, my ex ended every sentence with an exclamation point and it turns out she was cheating on me for months. You can hardly blame her. That's all.

Ok, it's not email content anymore - but it made me smile.

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