Cover costs for client support


Anyone willing to comment on the following:
Let's say you're offering your services for $10 + $0,0x per mail. I see some people offering account setup (importing subscriber lists, helping client through the process,...) for an extra charge, while I think others do this setup without extra charge. Can you make profit in that case? I can imagine that some clients can take a lot of your time, not covering the costs.
Guess most revenue will come from creating custom templates etc., but what about client support for clients that want to handle the mailings themselves?


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Good question Stef,

I guess this depends on how good your initial training is, and what kind of client they are. Some, no matter what service you offer, will be more high maintenance than others.

Maybe that is a case to set a higher mark-up for that client ;)

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SelectMailer SelectMailer, 8 years ago

We don't charge any fee at all Stefan, we believe that if we can help the client understand and use the service then they will use it much more and hence, we make a little more profit. I'm sure others may have other equally good opinions.



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