styles in WYSIWYG Editor description field

is there a way to predefine font styles for the p tag in the WYSIWYG Editor field?

i want all content to use a specific font-family and work with gmail.

1. style needs to be inline for gmail
2. clients are to stupid edit the source code and add it themselves.

i tried in my template:
   <p style="font-family:Georgia;"><$description$></p>
   <p><$description style='font-family:Georgia;'$></p>

both did not work. any idea?

thanx christof

reco, 9 years ago

answer to my own question:
using a span instead of a p works perfeclty:

<span style="font-family:Georgia;"><$description$></span>

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Remember that the <$description$> tag can contain multiple paragraphs - a div would be a more correct element to surround a paragraph than a span. You could certainly inline style the div.

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fabie_r, 9 years ago


I have a similar issue (based on the fact that Gmail only reads CSS in-line elements) I am trying to pre-define the look of an in-line anchor text which is within the <$description$> pre-defined tag.

Basically what I am trying to do is to get the standard blue underlined hyperlinks that my client might add to the description tag to look different. Obviously I cannot add this in-line as the hyperlinks only appear IF the client would like them, as part of the <$description$>.

I am also trying to do the same for the <$repetertitle$>

Anyone has already addressed this issue?



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