Question: Define New Template Tags

the Template tags are very nice, but I am looking to add "BYLINE' to each article as the client newsletter features news items from a magazine. Can I add in custom template tags so that, when editing description, I can have an additional "byline" field, as in, in addition to TITLE and DESCRIPTION?


Diana Diana, 8 years ago


That isn't possible right now, you are limited to just the title and description tag and only one instance of each in a repeater. We're always tracking feedback though and I'll be sure to mark you as a request for adding in a new template tag.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
absentee, 8 years ago

An attendant question. Do users have access to the files serving the templates or is it native to c/send? Just thinking if I could install a version on my own server I could add template tags to my heart's delight ... :)

travisbell travisbell, 8 years ago

Hi absentee,

Unfortunately it is native. I don't think there'd be a way you could add your own ;)

Travis Bell
Chr1s, 8 years ago

Hi, I'd like to put my vote in for extra tags. In my (clients) case, a smaller title above the main title would be handy to clarify what kind of category a newsletter item falls in (bit like "Interviews & Buzz", "News & Updates" in the CM-blog). But instead of creating a tag "byline" for absentee, a tag "smallertitle" for me and a tag "whateverthenextcmuserthinksof" for the next CM-user that joins this request, why not create a couple of generic tags everybody can fool around with? And while we're at it... multiple images per item maybe?

Still not over OL2007
Textello, 8 years ago

I second this request. In fact, it's a show-stopper for two of my clients right now. They use title, subtitle, summary and description. Ideally, one could just define any custom area one wants.

PLEASE: custom content insert tags!

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