Lotus Notes (*sigh) issue w/client - no images?

Hey there,

We've recently edited one of the newsletter CM templates for use with a client. They (one of the big banks) send to a mixed audience, approximately 75% clients/stakeholders with the other 25% being their own staff. This client uses Lotus Notes 7 as a desktop email client, and I'm a little that there are some LN issues.

Essentially they can't view images in this newsletter, but receive *other* HTML email campaigns that display images perfectly. We've hunted through some of the message source code but it's after the 'broken' email has been forwarded back to me. It looks like there is absolutely no image tags in the email!

I think we'll run this campaign through a test here too, but wondering if anyone had an answer here?

Thanks in advance,


Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hey Mark,

Any chance you're using PNGs as your image types? Lotus Notes 7 doesn't support PNGs so that might be why they're not displaying.

You might also want to look at how they're coded. Things like extra / in the URLs and such can cause display issues in Lotus (or anywhere really, but Lotus is extra picky about code).

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
efront efront, 8 years ago

Hey Diana, thanks kindly for the response.

We did have one png (now remedied) but all the other (7) pics were gifs and jpgs. The  images in the template are relatively coded [img src="header.gif"] and the others were uploaded by the client....

efront efront, 8 years ago

Was thinking that perhaps we could relatively path the header image in the template, but it still doesn't really explain why the CMS driven images (uploaded by the client) are not showing?

Sorry to be a pain, just a little unsure on where to go from here....

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