how to see who updated their preferences?

Is there a way how to see, which users updated their preferences?
I thought it is posible do see it on the statistics, but the preferences-Link is not tracked as clicked link.

travisbell travisbell, 8 years ago

Hi muffalin,

There isn't really a way to find this out with the current system. Before I go adding this as a feature request, could you elaborate a little as to the specific reason you were looking for this? It can help us understand the request better ;-)

Travis Bell
Redmark53, 8 years ago

I had the same need recently. Here's the sitch:
My client is a professional association that publishes a printed members directory once a year. One reason the directory is so important is that it's a volatile industry in terms of people moving from one position to another, one company to another, getting merged, etc. The directory is a way for them to keep track of colleagues. By the time the 3-month annual "membership drive" is finished, there are numerous inaccuracies in the data given during the online registration process! I set them up on CM with the promise that the first e-cast would be a request to the members to update their profiles before the directory went to print. I made the same assumption as muffalin, that I would see click-throughs to the preferences link and therefore know who had gone in to update their records. Unfortunately, I ended up having to work through the process manually. Very tedious!

fivebyfive, 7 years ago

Did anyone find a solution to this?  We are going to run a promotion e.g. Win an Ipad by updating your preferences.  We can just link back to the "Preference Center" but then how do I know who updated their preferences?

Redmark53, 7 years ago

What I ended up doing in the situation mentioned above is a before-and-after comparison of the lists. I downloaded all the data before sending the request to update. Then after sending, I downloaded the data again and ran a comparison of the two files to highlight the differences. Simple, but a bit time-consuming.

bc173, 6 years ago

I really need this feature as well, just for the sake of keeping data in sync with my website. A subscriber field "updated at" of type 'date' would be enough to use in an API query.

Real world case:
I segment my mailings based on zip code. In the preference center the subscriber can change his zip code. At the same time I use this zip code on my website stored in the user profile. This needs to be in sync with the zip code stored at CM.

At this moment the only way to sync the zip code is to go through ALL subscribers (about 7.000) and compare the zip codes.

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