Did I see a "one-click-resubscribe-link" or was it just my imagination

A couple of days ago I think I noticed something like this on a unsubscribe-confirmation page:

"Did you click the unsubscribe link accidently? (link)Click here(link) to instantly resubscribe."

And it wasn't a link to a subscribe form: just clicking it was enough.

I remember thinking "Wow, nice!" and after that, all is blurry. Probably the phone rang or something and I got distracted. It must have been in a preview, or maybe in a example newsletter in the blog or something, but I'm completely blank.

Can anyone help me? Does such a link exist? And can I add it to my (clients) unsub confirm page?

travisbell travisbell, 8 years ago

Hey Chr1s,

The page with the link you're thinking of is shown when you don't have a unsubscribe redirection page setup. Unfortunately there is no way to include such a link on your own confirmation page.

What you could do, which is about 90% there is include the email address as a parameter on your unsubscribe redirect and then use that to have a link pointing to a subscription page that can read the parameter and pre-fill the form in. The unsubscribe confirmation page could be something like:


Oh, and by the way, only the email field is "attachable" to the redirection, just in case you try with some custom fields ;-)

Travis Bell
Chr1s, 8 years ago

Hi Travis, naturally, my next question would be: when's the update that adds this feature (optionally) to self-made unsub-confirm-pages? ;-) But seriously, tnx, we'll play around with it.

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