Info / Features document for clients

I was wondering if there was an unbranded info / features document for clients?
When writing proposals i find that i am duplicated a lot of information found on this website in a much more attractive and detailed form.

Seeing as i am reselling to clients, it would be great if this information was available as an unbranded document (PDF etc). Is something like this available or could it be made available?

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hi Dorgo,

We're actually in the process of putting together a white label user guide for your clients, but what your asking for sounds related to actually pitching your service to clients. When you get the chance, can you tell me a little more about what you'd like to see in this document, how it will be used, maybe even a sample outline and we'll see what we can do.

Anyone else have ideas or suggestions on documents/guides/templates that would help in pitching to clients and helping them get the most out of Campaign Monitor?

Dorgo, 8 years ago

User guide sounds great!

Basically I am linking to these pages from within our pitch

because at the moment we are only charging for setup and email template creation. However if in future we decide to make a profit from the actual campaigns then it would be nice to provide information that does not link back to your base pricing.

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Thanks Dorgo, that makes perfect sense. Basically, you're looking for some re-brandable promotional material that highlights the client-facing features of Campaign Monitor. Makes sense to me, thanks for the suggestion.

Dorgo, 8 years ago

exactly :)

johno_d, 8 years ago

This was just what I was looking for, It'd be great if we could have something like that!

ollie, 8 years ago

Any news on the white label user guides?


amanda2009, 8 years ago


I found a really cool tool for online presentations where you can make a really cool visual pitches towards your client including video,audio,images etc

open a free user account and share it in all your pitches.(private or open access) .it really works for me:)

Other cool thing I use is (it is free) where you can do free webconferencing and product demos without leaving your desk and save money on travel and your clients time:)

torweb, 8 years ago

I found it easy to build a simple site by re-using content from Campaign Monitor.  It took me about an hour to build.  It requires some Photo Shop and HTML skills but once done, it can be used and integrated easily for all types of presentations / pitches.  It's here at

PS.  It's working great for me with 12 new projects since posting this a couple of weeks ago.

web2europe, 8 years ago

I'm also interested in "Terms of Use" and "Anti Spam Policy" documents to display on a reseller website. For example - if I as a reseller have accepted compliance with Australian law - do I need to ensure that my customers also accept that, or can I replace that with my own jurisdiction?

If anyone has handled these issues I'd like to know.

intellagent, 4 years ago

Any news on the branded user guides and videos so we can use to show our clients?
even just ones that were without Campaign Monitor on would be fine for now

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi again Tim, I've got a few updates for you in your earlier thread. Sorry to redirect you there - this thread is well outdated, especially as we're in the process of refreshing our materials after yet another rebrand (for those that remember our last one in '09) ;)

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