Spam issue.... Hotmail/AOL users

Hi All,

We have been attempting to enforce a "no spam" policy on all our clients for ages and in the main have done fairly well. All the lists they use are genuine and checked to ensure permission has been granted.

However, we continually face the same problem time and time again, that of false spam recording by Hotmail and AOL users.

A client sending to 20,000 users got a spam failure of 0.55% When using the same list minus just the Hotmail users this dropped to 0.09%.

Obviously the client does not want to remove Hotmail users by default as he has taken time and spent money encouraging these users to sign up to his newsletters. However, he does not want us to have to delete his account either.

I know this is an ongoing and niggling issue and discussed often, but we really need help and guidance on this.


Rock... hard place!

Can any of the CM gurus see a way in which Hotmail/AOL users spam reports are either not counted against a campaign or marked down significantly so as not to damage our relationship with our client when we have to discuss spam again with them?

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey guys, thanks for sharing. As you know, we're integrated into the feedback loop of ISP's like Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and AOL. This means that any time someone marks you as spam, we're automatically told, remove them from your list and report on the results.

We certainly understand that the design of these web-based email clients (especially Hotmail) can make it easy for subscribers to mark it as spam as opposed to simply unsubscribing. Having said that, in our experience anyone sending permission based emails will never get near the limit of 1% complaint rates. Basically, provided you are following the permission guidelines (which we know you are), and provide a clear and easy way for recipients to opt-out (preferably at the top of each email), then you shouldn't have to do any purging of recipients for specific ISP's.

You'll also be pleased to know that based on feedback from everyone (SelectMailer included), we're modifying our one strike and you're out policy so we don't put our resellers in such a difficult position with all their clients when one client misbehaves.

We'll be sharing more about this on the blog soon.

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