Using CM with what you have already (be great to have a page for this)

Hi CM,

Gr8 site, tool and help files on using the various areas of CM, however there isI feel some crucial bits of information missing.

A) I would imagine most of us users of CM, start using it, with a CRM d/base full of emails that may not have been correctly, in the eyes of CM, processed in terms of opt-in. Its why we choose to use CM I guess, because we want to do things right.

I can't find anywhere, any advice on how to use or get back on board correctly, all of the email addresses I have pre CM, to use with CM. If I send them an opt-in email to all existing people on my dbase asking for permission via an unchecked box, am I spamming them in the first place by sending out this email.? If I buy a database from a 3rd party, and send the same email out to get permission first, before the core newsletter is sent, is that the same? (pls answer both if you can)

I ask because it seems CM is a ground zero tool, where you must forget/discard what you have done in the past.

B) If you already have a form that auto imports an enquiry onto your d/base, does the information presented @ seamlessly integrate with what you have already, without having an additional field for email, and if it does, does it present you with a list of subscription lists to choose from.. The reason I ask is, unless I am wrong, is that a lot of these tools allow you to pop your code onto the landing page, but I end visualising so many email address fields to fill in

i.e the one I have already / yours / and of course one for an autoresponder......

In summary , I would find it useful to see some case studies, or pretend examples, so I can how everything fits in chronologically, so I know the best order in which to use the tools/code to get permission



crystalclear, 8 years ago

I have found this for A)

will have a look

crystalclear, 8 years ago

nope, can't use that, as I can't guarantee the opt-in of my older data. I guess I can't use the emails then to get them back on board

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago


We would need you to have direct permission - that may mean sending emails individually to people, and asking them to signup to your new list, or you may have other ways of contacting them to get that permission.

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Chr1s, 8 years ago

Hi Crystalclear, we had the same challenge for a client a while ago. Actually, the client had assured us that their 10.000+ list really really was permission based and we started it using it in CM at first. Big mistake: allthough the list did indeed consist of customer email addresses they were very old, resulting in many spam complaints and a painful but very righteous slap on our hands by CM (we learned a lesson there...)

We gave the client a second chance, but "screened" their original list (minus spam complaints and unsubs from the first CM campaign) by sending a one off mailing not using CM, asking for explicit permission.

Important notes if you consider something like that:

* Make the mailing modest and as non-commercial as possible. Don't try to make it look like a newsletter, but make it a simple, text-only email. Preferably with a personal signature and clear contact info. Carefully explain that you once obtained this email address and would like to communicate in the future by email. If not? "No action required, we won't bother you no more." If yes? "Please confirm" (you could use a simple mailto-link or an online form).

* An incentive might help (free whitepaper, free anything, one in hundred will receive this or that...)

* Don't expect a high turn-over. The older the list, the less people will opt in. On the bright side, those who do opt in are really interested in what you have to tell. But it is important to tell your client upfront that probably 90+ % won't opt in.

I admit, this is grey area and again, you would really have to do this with another tool then CM. I would only advise this method on legitimate CRM databases in which email addresses have a bit of an age problem (not emailed before or very long ago). Using this method on bought or otherwise shady databases is out of the question in my opinion.

A final note: sometimes it's better just no to bother. Since we learned our lesson the hard way, the very first question we ask new clients is: "How did you get your email adresses?" or even more explicit: "So you can vouch that all of the people on your list have given you permission?" Sometimes that means saying goodbye to a potential new customer. Still, we have 70+ happy CM-customers. It's all about setting expectations.

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