Balancing images & text - what's wrong with all images & no text?

Hi everyone, I'm sure this has been addressed - I did a couple searches and couldn't find any relevant content.  Apologies if I overlooked it.

I have a complex layout that has text and images overlapping.  Because background images aren't support in some email clients, I'm considering just slicing the entire layout up and re-creating it using images and alternate text.

From a SPAM filtration standpoint, are there any downsides to have 5 or 6 images without any HTML text (other than alternate text)?


Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hi uogecko,

I can tell you straight up that an all image email will be instantly more likely to be filtered as spam by some recipients. Many content based filters like SpamAssassin have rules which require a good balance of HTML and text and will penalize you if it is predominantly images.

If course, the email will still be delivered to many of your recipients, but the real problem is the experience many will have when opening it. Image blocking means that most of your recipients will see a big, empty email with no compelling content that actually encourages them to enable images. Check out our article on image blocking and why all image emails aren't the best idea.

In regards to spam filters, it might also be a good idea to run your campaign through our design and spam test tool to find out how much of a filtering risk your design will pose before you actually send it.

uogecko, 8 years ago

Great idea, thanks Dave!

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