Worried links in template will not track


I am currently preparing an email campaign with a custom template which I coded. When previewing, I have noticed a strange issue.

When clicked, the links that I have hard-coded into the template (<a href="http://www.yoursite.com">) route through the custom sub-domain that I set up and has the familiar CampaignMonitor url (i.e. http://email.yoursite.com/t/r/l/tilyud/l/r).

The links that I have created while editing the text in the template go directly to the link and do not first go through the CampaignMonitor url.

I believe my template code is correct <$imagesrc link='true'$> and <$title link='true' default='Click here to launch video'$>.

I have sent previous campaigns with a different account using templates without this issue.

Any ideas?


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hey Chad,

All links added in the content of your email should be tracked - when you send yourself a test, are they coming out as straight links (not Campaign Monitor tracking links)?

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chadclark, 8 years ago

Hi Mathew,

They are coming through as straight links and not Campaign Monitor links in the test emails I have sent to myself.

chadclark, 8 years ago

I believe my issue has been resolved. It looks like I forgot to close the link at the top of the email properly.

Sorry about that.

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