How do you deal with 'already subscribed' users during sign up

I have just implemented the sign up form and have noticed that the following feature does not exist:

If the email address of a user signing up has already been added to the mailing list then redirect to a page the states "A user with this email address is already subscribed"

I have requested this feature be added. If you would like this feature added, please submit a support request.

Otherwise, let me know how you are dealing with this.


marchman, 8 years ago

I agree. I have been testing the two way subscription feature and noticed I didnt get a response email when I inputted my name and email a second time. It would have been nice to see the name and email checked to see if it was already on the mailing list. Then get a reply to say I was already on the list.

I also noticed that if I used my same name and a different email address I still didnt get a response. I assume people with the same name are not allowed on the same list. This can be a little problematic in harvesting new emails.

relaxedguy, 8 years ago

This seems like such a basic requirement. It's a pretty straightforward database lookup. I'm definitely learning the difference between $5 email shots and more powerful and feature-rich systems. Happy with things for now but I wish we had all the bells and whistles here and simply paid more to access them.

se7en, 8 years ago

I agree too. I have the same needs cause overseas clients it's necessary to localize eg. translate the output content delivered in these "services pages" (not only the doubloon's detection but also the simple pages that might confirm subscription or unsubscription to the users, to one or more of the lists concerned with them) and there are no French translation or page customisation in the CampaignMonitor native service.
Moreover at the time of writing, the redirection to customized page seems not to work properly for me and as I've read here that some bug needed maybe to be fixed, I'm quiet embarrassed with this non-smooth functional situation ! ;-)
So I'd really wish improvements will be be released soon around this chapter.

Hello from Paris
Take care

Alex D, 8 years ago

You can do this easily if using the API.

See here.

Alex Duffield - Owner
InControl Solutions

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