Confirmation of 'E-mail Support Form' Received

Hi guys,

Would it be possible to add this as a feature?

Once one has sent a support form via your 'e-mail support' section there's a very helpful message saying:

"Cheers, your message has been sent to our team and we'll get back to you real soon."

However, it would be reassuring to receive an e-mail confirmation as well. This would cure any doubts about typing in the wrong e-mail address etc.

At the minute I sit there biting my nails, wondering if you've received the message and if you have the correct e-mail address to reply to.

Seeing as you guys are the masters of all things e-mail, this must be an easy addition to a top-quality service.

Kind regards,

Tom McLean
Carswell Gould

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

HI Tom,

That's not something that has been requested before - maybe because our support team is in Australia, Europe and the US so the response time is pretty quick!

In any case, please rest assured that we do always respond to support emails, and if we get more people asking for this kind of confirmation, we'd certainly consider it.

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CarswellGould, 8 years ago

Thanks for the reply Mathew,

I'm not doubting the speed or quality of your responses - we've always been very pleased with the support we've received from you - it's more to do with me questioning myself and my typing abilities.

If I received a confirmation e-mail it would cure any doubts that you had the message and you had the correct e-mail address with which to respond to.

Not to worry though, it was just a thought.

Thanks again Mathew.

lischq, 7 years ago

I agree that confirmation would be useful. Otherwise it feels like my emailed support requests just go into a black hole!  How soon, on average, can I expect someone from your support team to reply back? (I'm in the U.S.)  Hours? Days?

Diana Diana, 7 years ago


If it's during the work week replies generally come within hours, sometimes minutes, depends on the current support load. We do our best to reply as quickly as possible.

Support on the weekends is slower as we only reply to approvals and more urgent questions during those weekend hours.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
rob.gevers, 7 years ago

particular reason its slower in the weekends ?

the internet is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week business or not ????


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Yes, the internet is 24/7 but people are not ;) We are still watching the support questions in case of something breaking or being super urgent even on the weekends.

Also, our 'weekend' is shorter than the full 2 days because of our different timezones (it is Monday morning in Sydney now but only Sunday afternoon in the US).

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