Advice for how to use CM in a unique client scenario

Hi all - We have a client that is a franchisor who would like to use CM to communicate with their franchisees as well as extend CM's functionality to their franchisees to use to communicate with their clients/prospects.  Is there any way that CM could facilitate this 'three tier'(i.e. us as the reseller/admin, the franchisor as client with ability to create 'sub clients', and the franchisees as clients themselves) structure?  I assume not so, given this scenario, does anyone have any suggestions on how best to handle using CM?  Any insights/suggestions would be much appreciated.  Let me know if clarification of this scenario is needed.

Steve Mueller

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

It's not a scenario Campaign Monitor is set up for, as you suspect. We do have some designers who setup the account, and create the templates, with each franchisee as a client, and the franchisor as a client too.

Obviously if you need the franchisor to have admin access to all the other clients, they will be exposed to the Campaign Monitor brand, which is the main issue.

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Chr1s, 8 years ago

Hi Mathew,

Steve's request is basically the same as

isn't it?

I'm really curious if CM would be interested in putting this on the "wish list". Wouldn't it be commercially a great feature for you guys? I know CM would be a great solution for at least 10 advertising agencies and design companies in our client base, if only they could brand it. But of course I don't want to let them in in my dirty little CM secret ;-)

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