Reselling The Rebranded CM

Hi everyone,

We've got a potential new client who runs a business which he franchises. He's very interested in CM (which we've rebranded as eBuild) but he would like to be able to include it as part of his franchise-package for his clients.

We're trying to work out if it's a) against any of CM's Ts&Cs to do this and b) how we could go about it if a) is ok.

So far we've thought about setting up a separate CM account, branded as the new client and give him admin access. However, we're concerned that he's going to have access to all of the billing information etc and potentially find out about CM...

Has anyone done anything like this before? Is there a way of setting up a 'Sub-Admin' who can add clients etc but not see/control the billing side of things?

What says the CM community?


Tom McLean,
Carswell Gould

Chr1s, 8 years ago

Count my vote for this one! We're a webdevelopment company with lots and lots of clients and partners in the creative industry, all of which we could sell CM to this way EASILY. Re-reselling CM would multi-multi-multiply our CM-based sales. And of course (think about it guys....) sales for CM themselves. Can I see a show of hands?

Still not over OL2007
smueller, 8 years ago

Count my vote times 10 on this one - exact scenario I asked about in the post below.  Adding more levels to the 'pyramid' is a proverbial 'win-win'.  CM folks - any chance this gets on the wish list?

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Thanks for the votes. At the moment, this just isn't something we are planning - our primary audience for Campaign Monitor is always going to be the web designer or agency reselling to their clients.

We do see that there are other opportunities there, and we'll certainly keep them in mind, but for now we have so many other things we can work on to help out our primary audience, and that is where we are spending our time and resources.

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Tommy, 7 years ago

Count my vote on this one also !!

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