Adding new template and inline styles

There is big confusion going on about inline styles. My job is creating and uploading a template into the system using the inline styles feature; there seem to be two ways of doing this (not including the one where you import from an URL).

1. You import your template while using the wizard, this way you will have to import the same template every time you create a new campaign. This way has the apply inline styles option, which is on by default.

2. You can select to import/add a new template without doing the whole creating a campaign wizard. There is no check box for inline styles visible. In fact, there is no mention of this feature on the page.

The only way I can find to make this work is to first create a temp campaign, import the template with the inline styles option and copy the HTML from the preview window into a new template and then deleting the temp campaign.

I must be missing something. What ever it is, the whole process is highly confusing, even to people like me who have been creating web sites for years now.

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi andrisig,

When you import a template to the templates tab your styles are always going to be moved inline for campaigns using that template, it's build into the editor. It's only when you're importing a finished campaign that you have that optional checkbox. Hope that clears it up for you!

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
andrisig, 8 years ago

After reading the forums, this questions pops up on regular basis. Unless you like to spend your time answering the same question over and over again, I suggest the you guys add a note about this when adding a new tamplate. The thing is, after importing the template, most programmers will probably use the preview feature (and then view source) to check if inline styles have been applied and at that point, they have not, which creates this huge misunderstanding and frustration.

Just a thought ;)

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