Where can I find really basic instructions?

This may sound weird, but since I've never run an e-mail campaign before, I have no idea what to do with the template, and I don't see any basic instructions on this website. I have and understand the code, but NOW what? It's not like a website, for which code gets uploaded to a server. If step one is downloading a template and step two is customizing it, what's step three?

eyoung eyoung, 8 years ago

uploading it into the system?

once your logged in as admin, click on a client and you'll see a templates tab to the right then you can upload your template there.

Angelique, 8 years ago

Okay, I see what you are talking about. I have a question about how something works.

There are two places to upload. One is for the html, the other is for a zipped file containing the CSS and image files.

Below the html upload feature there is an option: "move a copy of my CSS inline." Does that mean that Campaign Monitor will automatically take the CSS out of the zipped file and write it into the html file, creating an internal style sheet? If that's the best thing for Outlook (the most popular email client according to Campaign Monitor) why not create an internal style sheet to begin with? Or does "move a copy of my CSS inline" mean something else?

ozmo ozmo, 8 years ago

To the best of my knowledge and experience, all CSS must be inline when sending HTML email for it to display correctly.

So I think you'll find that the option to move a copy of your CSS inline is simply there as a convenience or a helping hand incase your CSS is currently not inline.

Hope that helps.

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jummatron, 8 years ago

Sort of related;

I'm trying to alter the colour of links that are created through the template editor. As the editor adds these <a> tags I cannot add inline CSS to them in the template.

I have added an external CSS sheet with <a> tags targetted with my colour choice but I appear to have no checkbox option to move these inline. Where can I find this elusive checkbox? It's not under any of the file upload input feilds when adding a new template.



Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

We keep the css external in the templates, because it makes the pages much easier to edit. Then we move it all inline for you at the last minute.

@james If you write some CSS in the head that targets those links, it will be added inline automatically for you. With templates the css is always made inline.

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lesliewill, 7 years ago

So does CSS need to be supplied external, loosely—or inline? Right now I have a "ABC_client_assets" folder which contains an img folder and .CSS file. OR should the CSS be inline?

Do you have a template example with CSS? I'm trying to upload my client's email which has basic CSS and am having a hard time following the custom template code (with CSS)—I don't see any examples of these which also employ CSS??

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi lesliewill, welcome to the forums! Simply zip up your "ABC_client_assets" folder (ie. images and .CSS file), then upload it under "2. All other files in zip format (optional)". We'll move your styles inline automatically.

Regarding styling tags with CSS, there's a good example to be found in our resource on 'Styling your unsubscribe link with CSS'. Hope this helps!

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