I keep getting a "SERVER BUSY" error when trying to process my credit card prior to sending my campaign. I've sent a message to Help, but no response. Has anyone else had this problem?

bjohnstonf1, 9 years ago

I'm getting the same error and also sent a message to help. No response.

Marje, 9 years ago

How long does it usually take Support to respond to these kinds of issues?

My client needs to send out the newsletter today.

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hi guys,

Thanks for reporting this too us. It looks like our payment gateway was having some temporary delays, but has been up and running for the last 90 minutes without problems. We're looking into the cause of this, but you can send your campaigns and pay right now without any trouble.

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deborahholt, 9 years ago

I am getting the server busy message as well.  Marie, did you get this resolved?

chrisbfinternet, 9 years ago

Same here....

wcksmith, 9 years ago

I'm getting the same problem with two different credit cards from two different companies, so I know it's not a credit card company issue...

Wick Smith

romar, 9 years ago

"Server Busy" - payment failed

we just tried scheduling 5 campaigns that all failed due to Server Busy payment failment.
How soon can this issue be resolved?

spiderdan, 9 years ago

I am getting the same error using three different credit cards.   Of course this happens just as I need to distribute an urgent campaign within the hour!

redketchup, 9 years ago

tack on another one for the "Server Busy" message.

redketchup, 9 years ago

one other note - it would be nice if when a "SERVER BUSY" message comes up, I am not asked to "Please fix these problems and press the 'Next' button to continue." when it is clearly not something that I can control.

Just a user experience thing :)

romar, 9 years ago

So I guess this issue wont be resolved until after 8am Australia time until someone at CM looks into it.
thats about 5+ hours for us EST people :(

Of course this happens during a very URGENT campaign that needs to go out NOW!

spiderdan, 9 years ago

CM really needs to have 24/7 support available (especially with their growing customer base).  Our company cannot afford downtimes like this.   If this campaign does not get distributed within the next two hours (which I scheduled last night for distribution this morning), I'm going to have an extremely angry client on my hands since it's for an important event today.

rhadesign, 9 years ago

I'm having exactly the same problem. Have been trying for four hours to send a campaign which has to go today. Unfortunately some clients can get pretty annoyed when we don't fulfill our commitments, and they tend to see valid explanations as excuses - just hope we don't lose them!

tristanm, 9 years ago

Its just not possible to send out our campaign at the moment, which is going to be an issue for us because our client was expecting this to go out this evening. It sounds like the message should be "Server down" rather than server busy.

Its very frustrating.

mrlerner, 9 years ago

We have been planning a product launch for months and I am getting the same "server busy" error when I try to send my campaign.  This is extremely bad timing and I hope Campaign Monitor gets credit card processing up and running ASAP.  Please help!

kesp, 9 years ago

Ditto.  This is so frustrating.  Not to mention a huge time drain to keep checking the payment process page.

TheClearinghouse, 9 years ago

We too are experiencing problems with a critical campaign I had scheduled for delivery this morning. I guess I can look for another way to send this until CM comes back online. I hope they someday setup redundant credit card processing systems because clearly this issue is on CM's side. I know my CC works fine.

chrisbfinternet, 9 years ago

It's a pain, but we all work in the web industry so we must all know that these things happen.

I bet there's txt/email alerts on the mailer servers, but probably not on the (3rd party?) credit card processing. Bit of a bugger.

nation nation, 9 years ago

Yes. this is very annoying.  Especially if you have scheduled a campaign to go out at a later date. 

Because they do not take payment until the campaign is due to go out (even if you set up the campaign days in advance) the first you know about something being wrong is when you get the email saying the payment server is busy.  I for one would rather CM take payment from my card when I set the campaign up.

Either that, or perhaps CM should honour campaigns that are scheduled and get the SERVER BUSY error message when they try and take payment.

schok, 9 years ago

This is fantastic. I love how irritated my clients are right now.

cantaloupe_fools, 9 years ago

do we really have to wait until 8 o'clock their time to get the situation fixed? Has anyone heard anything or are you all up in the air like me?

schok, 9 years ago

In the air as well... I've hit Send Campaign Immediately about 157 times now.

spiderdan, 9 years ago

I think this issue is a lesson-learned for those of us who rely on CM for mission critical emarketing (especially on behalf of our clients).  While the service is fantastic and extremely cost-effective when it's working properly, one instance like this can make or break a client relationship.  Therefore, it may require evaluating other email marketing vendors who have around the clock technical support/resources in place.  Especially for those of us based in North America.

redketchup, 9 years ago

No idea if it's possible, but it seems like a good solution would be for CM to have a back-up/alternate payment gateway for situations like this.

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