Permission for Invitations

Hi CM forum,

I have a corporate client who is holding a charty/volunteer 'tree planting' event in association with a green volunteer organisaion and have supplied me with a short list of invitees. I have sent them the CM questionnaire to ensure they are canspam compliant and recieved this response from my client...

"That’s tricky as they are stakeholders not customers and the list is made up of recommended invitees put forward by a number of different people.  They are stakeholders that we all work with though – not names from the white pages. As this is an invite not an advertisement or sales pitch does this have to apply?"

I think they have a good point in that an invitation has different intent than a offer if the invitees are legit and not a scattergun.

I'de really like to send via CM so we can track RSVPs etc, but don't want to be exposed to legal problems. If I don't use CM I will be supplying my client with HTML emails for them to deliver manually anyway...

What does the CM community think?

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