Spam Issue

Hey Everyone,

I'm looking for some help or pointers to avoid my html email going straight to spam.
I have been testing it out on some co-workers machines here.
I'm on a mac, and the email doesnt go into the spam account of any mac's.
But on PC's the email goes straight to the spam folder.

I have looked through the help, and tried lots of things, anyone got any good tips to avoid going straight to spam?

I have tried to remove all capital letters,
all colours are named correctly in my html code,
i have removed any reference to currency signs.
And a couple of other things, but no joy so far!

There are around three images in the email and quite a bit of text. A number of sizes of text.

Appreciate any help or advice!



stevetipson, 8 years ago

James - We are also experiencing the same problem - for some reason the emails always get caught by Outlook 2007 spam filter. We've tried all the obvious things but can't seem to get the emails though.

Any advice on getting past Outlook 2007 spam folder would be helpful!

BThies BThies, 8 years ago

If you'd like, send me a copy of what you're sending out, and I'll let you know what might be causing the spam issue.

Brian Thies
Thies Publishing

Brian Thies
Professional Email Developer
Thies Publishing
foamcow, 8 years ago

I had a similar problem recently with Outlook 2003 and 2007.
My mail consisted of a few images with a block of text.
I removed the text and the mail got through.
Putting the text back in a bit at a time seemed to indicate the following were tripping Outlook up.

1. Links in the text
2. Part of the text made larger by means of a CSS class
3. Making a phone number bold

I can't really be more specific as there did seem to be a bit of random element in there too!

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